Impormtant Information for Migrants

As of March 20, 2020: All migrants, regardless of immigration status in Ontario, will have access to COVID-19 related healthcare. []

Need help? Contact Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

Questions about immigration, work, bills, etc.? Contact Migrant Workers Alliance for Change hotlines via call, text, or WhatsApp.

  • Migrant care workers: 647-782-6633
  • Migrant farm workers: 905-324-2840 (ENG) or 289-990-4519 (ESP)
  • Migrant students: 647-858-2854
  • No status? Contact

Migrant Rights Network is demanding:

  1. Healthcare for all

Access without fear – regardless of immigration status – to free, universal, and expanded healthcare, including testing.

  1. Worker protections

Measures enacted to protect workers must include: strong anti-reprisal protections for workers taking time off; income security and open work permits for migrants who will lose wages or jobs because of sickness, quarantine or economic downturn, including those who must travel here to work; increased access to EI including special benefits; a federal emergency fund to provide non-repayable allowance for those experiencing a loss or interruption of earnings including those outside Canada; and access to paid emergency leave as needed, with a minimum of 21 days for all workers, regardless of immigration status.

  1. Stop detentions and deportations. Status for all.

Enact an immediate moratorium on all immigration enforcement (detentions and deportations). People detained in prisons and detention centres are exposed to increased spread of illness but are denied access to quality health care. They must be released. Work permit and permanent resident status rules must be relaxed or removed, and open permits granted swiftly to workers in transition, to ensure no one falls out of status because of job loss, school closures and travel restrictions.

  1. Increased funding for food banks, emergency shelters, etc.

Migrant and non-status families must be granted access to housing, shelter, universal child care, food, and other basic protections freely without economic barriers, or fear of immigration enforcement.

  1. Let migrant and community organizations lead the response for migrant workers.

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